There is another scam alert happening this week, mostly in Clinton County and about phone calls from Consumers Energy. According to WILX, the Clinton County Sheriff's Office has a warning about the possible scam too.

According to them the scam calls people and tells them they are working for Consumers Energy. The scam caller will then tell people that they are late of their payments and if they don't pay then their power will be cut off. The scam gets worse as the scammers will then encourage who they call to pay their bill by buying money cards and then giving the scammers those money cards numbers. I hope everything here is a red flag cause it is as you should never pay bills using a money card and also never give out those numbers over the phone.

Consumers Energy also will never call anyone to pay their bills this way and if you get a call like this they should hang up or tell the police if you think you have been caught in this scam. More on it here. 


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