You got to love social media. The easy connection between you and your friend, and the occasional hoax.

Some video and images began circulating around the internet, showing some alleged "stolen" goats from the Saginaw Children's Zoo. It should be noted and known though, that all ten goats missing and action, aren't actually missing.=

A rumor started making its round, gaining attention from law enforcement agencies, as well as the zoo itself.

“People have been calling the zoo over the weekend, concerned after they saw all this on social media,” Executive director at the Saginaw Children’s Zoo, Nancy Parker, said. “We have people in the zoo who are very protective, and they’re disturbed by it.”

Animals are counted regularly at the zoo. But, that didn't stop people from believing that the hoax from the internet was true. In fact, the Saginaw Police responded to the commotion on Saturday, July 3rd, only to find all ten goats safe and on the zoo property.

As of today July 6th, all goats are still infact there.

Law enforcement did try and trace the people responsible for the posts on social media but were unable to do so.
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The videos and clips that lead people to believe the goats had been stolen from the zoo, were making their rounds on Facebook, Twitter as well as TikTok. There was audio included too with text, suggesting a kidnap did happen.

“They may be inferring that the goat was stolen to get more ‘likes’ and ‘shares,’” Parker said.

One of the Facebook posts that was tagged to this heist, had 500 shares as of July 6th.

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