If you know me, you know I love animals.

I'm assuming you're an animal lover too if you're over here trying to figure out whether it's legal to own a goat in Lansing or East Lansing.

Goats are one of my favorite animals. So many people think it's ridiculous that I've been talking about getting a pet goat for years. But I mean, come on, not only are they hilarious but they're freaking adorable!

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Watch this video of baby goats in footie pajamas and then look me in the face and tell me there isn't a part of you that kind of wants a pet goat too.

What do you think? Are you sold on the pet goat yet?

Maybe this video of a bunch of goats parkouring off of things like Michael Scott from 'The Office' will do the trick.

You're thinking about it, I can tell. If you weren't you wouldn't have made it this far.

Is it Legal to Own a Goat in Ingham County?

Do you have a box of tissues handy? Because I have some bad news...

According to the Ingham County Animal Control Ordinance, it's only legal if they are kept on some type of agricultural land.

No livestock or poultry shall be owned, kept, possessed, harbored or kept charge of within the boundaries of any non-agricultural area within Ingham County except as such places are provided for shipping said livestock or poultry.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

There's a possibility that things may change someday. In 2019, owning ducks and goats in the Lansing area was briefly discussed but nothing became of it.

You can read the full story on the Lansing State Journal's website.

Goat Yoga

Did you know Goat Yoga was a thing? If you're bummed out that you can't own a goat, you could still de-stress with them.

The Goat Yoga studio is a hop, skip, and jump away in Ann Arbor. Classes may or may not be held outdoors depending on the weather.

If you're interested in letting a goat parkour off of your back while in tabletop position, check out some classes at The Goat Yoga studio this summer!

We may not be able to own a goat, but how about these other unique animals you can own in Michigan?

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