Counterfeit money is one thing, but this stuff looks VERY real.

The Flint Police Operations Facebook page shared the above post on Monday, warning Genesee County businesses and residents about "funny money" that's been going around.


One of our Deputies took a report over the weekend of someone passing fake currency. These bills feel and look authentic, however the phrase "For Motion Picture Use Only" is printed on both the front and the back of the bills.

If you're making a transaction that involves cash, take your time and inspect it, Don't fall prey to the #funnymoney!

In fact, one of the first comments is from a woman who works at Cracker Barrel; she said that one of her cashiers accepted a counterfeit $20 and didn't catch it over the weekend.

Another commenter claimed that these were being given out at a pop-up party in Flint that was being filmed for a music video.

Talk about REAL. If you're not looking closely, as in REALLY closely, there's no WAY you'd catch this on the fly. I worked in retail for years and we were never told to use a counterfeit detection pen on bills smaller than $50, so it's highly possible that there are more of these out there.

This comes not long after a Michigan man was busted for turning $1 into $100s in Port Huron. They're getting better and better nowadays so if you're a cashier or own your own business, now might be the time to revisit how you and/or your employees check for counterfeit bills.

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