We all need a little help sometimes.

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We all know the pandemic is no joke. It has not only taken it's toll in the number of lives lost, but quality of life, jobs, where and how we live, evictions and more.

That evictions thing especially. The pandemic introduced us to a lot of new words for our vocabulary. Including "moratorium".

Thousands of Michigan residents struggling to pay rent during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could face eviction in coming weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court sided with landlords and struck down a federal moratorium. (Moodyonthemarket)

And for those lucky enough to be able to keep a roof over their heads, the summer months have not been kind.

The heat is driving up your electric bill as you struggle to keep your home cool and maybe deal with being home more often. Lack of a job, home schooling, etc.

Soon that will switch to the bitter cold. The prospect of you and the kids without a home or heat this winter is a lot to even imagine.

So if you need some help, let's start here.

Having trouble keeping the lights on, there's help Tuesday and Wednesday.

BWL is partnering with several other local Lansing groups and businesses for their Financial Pandemic Relief Fairs.

If you're struggling to pay your bills, help is available. Join us and over a dozen community partners at one of our Financial Pandemic Relief Fairs on Tuesday, August 31 from 4-7pm at Gier Community Center or Wednesday, September 1 from 4-7pm at Alfreda Schmidt Community Center. Register for financial relief and get information on utility, rent/mortgage, food and child care assistance all in one place. (BWL)

Join BWL Tuesday and Wednesday (August 31st and September 1st) to find out how you can get help to keep the lights on, pay your rent or mortgage, feed the kids and more.

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