I was already pretty sure that electric and power companies raise the rates during the winter.

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You want to know why? Well, it's because we use more. That's why.

People use more electricity in winter because they want to be warm—they turn on their heaters and electric blankets, and take hot showers.

The more electricity you use, the higher your power bill will be. (ea.govt.nz)

That one was easy huh?

Now let's apply that logic to the summer. Usually, we aren't inside that often and not using as much electricity. Unless it's for the air conditioners and fans right?

The folks over at Consumer's are anticipating more usage this summer and they plan to raise the rates accordingly.

To tune of one and a half (1.5) times the normal rate.

“They’re raising their prices during the summer, that’s going to effect everybody the most,” said Brett Chamberlain, Consumers Energy customer.

“People are running the most electricity during that time.

So they are being compensated for that energy they are producing.”

Consumers Energy spokesman Brian Wheeler said it costs more to make sure everyone still has power during these times. (WILX)

So the squeeze will be on this summer as your local electric/utility company will be watching and raising the rates on you.

Electrometer is measuring power consumption. Coins in foreground. Expensive electricity concept. 3D rendered illustration.
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There is some good news to all this though. They let us know exactly when and how long the rates will be increased.

June 1 until September 30, Consumer's will charge 1.5 times the normal rate for electricity from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday - Friday. (WILX)

At least this way you can know when to set your thermostat and for how long accordingly. Chances are you'll be out of the house and at work (if you're lucky). But if you are at home, we're suggesting you watch that AC thermostat and turn off some of your appliances.

They've even got a rewards program that will help you monitor and shift your energy usage during these peak times. It'll save you money and get you some awesome perks. Check out PEAK POWER SAVERS HERE and enroll.

Having trouble paying your bills? 

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