Before I even get into the mystical and paranormal talk about why you shouldn't mess with this thing at any time, let me remind you of a couple of things.

First, it's 2020. You really want to press your luck with this?

Next, for Halloween there's supposed to be a full moon.

Not just a full moon. A full BLUE moon.

So you're thinking to yourself perfect conditions to communicate with the other side right?


Messing with a Ouija board under these conditions makes you like every character in a horror movie.

Was that a sound coming from the basement of the abandoned haunted house? Let's go down there and check it out.

Nope, nope, nope.

Better yet if you do the Ouija board on Halloween night you're no better than these kids.

"Why can't we just get in the running car?"

That line gets me everytime.

Oh, and have you seen this movie.

Now, there is scientific proof that the Ouija board is not a portal to the other side and that when you use one you're experiencing the ideomotor effect (pronounced “idio-mo-tor” or “id-ee-aah-meh-ter”), and it’s basically a way for your body to talk to itself. (Vox)

There are multiple scientific studies that have shown various instances of the ideomotor effect in action. In one well-known and oft-repeated variant of the Ouija board test, blindfolded participants spell much more incoherent messages.(Vox)


And surely trying to communicate with ghosts on a toy trademarked by Hasbro couldn't possibly work right?

Let's just say I'd error on the side of caution and not even try it. If I know one's in the house I'm out.

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And several of my psychic friends, spiritual folks, and even those that do the paranormal thing have said don't do it.

Whether you’re a believer in being able to contact ‘the other side’ or think it’s a load of old tosh, there’s some pretty shocking evidence out there to back up the Ouija Boards ability. Apparently this ordinary looking piece of wood is able to summon both spirits and demons, so it’s more like a game of Russian roulette than knowing for sure its your lovely old late granddad answering the call. (The Guide Liverpool)

Head here for SIX REASONS NOT to play with a Ouija board.

Call me crazy but I'm not trying to summon a spirit, the wrong spirit, a demon, get possessed, or even prove the thing wrong. What if you do get in touch with someone? And they want to stay in touch?

Too much bad juju for me. And you could just watch the movie.

That way you don't get possessed. That's a win/win for me.

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