It has become one of the new, hot fitness crazes. Pole Dancing. As a workout.

There are a couple of places here in the Lansing area that do it! And it's legit! Shout out to Polistic in Holt and Stilettos and Steel in Lansing.

The question I asked on Mornings @ Large on Thursday (Sept. 13th) stemmed from an article in The Dailly Mail in the UK. A couple who are exotic dancers from St. Louis, are teaching their three kids (ages 11, 5, & 3) how to pole dance and feel it's perfectly appropriate for them.

Do you think pole dancing with your kid is appropriate? Would you let your child take a pole dancing class? I mean adults do it. And it's for fitness. Would you let them come to a pole dancing class with you?

Take a listen to some of the responses.

These two callers say it's ok for the really younger kids. Teenagers maybe not. And there's a difference between the eroctic version and fitness.

This listener says, you're planting a seed for later in life if you let your kids learn pole dancing at a young age.

And this guy has no problem with his kids learning, but there is NO WAY he's gonna get up there!

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