A lot of businesses have had a tough time getting used to coronavirus restrictions but gyms/health clubs have seemed to have the toughest time. I haven't been to a gym in about a year, and it isn't because I don't workout it is because I got a treadmill at my house. When I used to go to the gym I'd wipe down all of the machines after I used them, and some before I used them. I did this mostly because of my own fears of getting sick, and because not everyone did it, but will tons of cleaning work in health clubs and gyms in the future?

One of mid-Michigan's most popular health club/gym Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club (MAC) is trying to come up with creative solutions during this time. The MAC is still adhering to social distancing guidelines but are still trying to service the community. The MAC will be doing more outdoor activities as well as having scheduled appointments to maintain crowd control and social distancing. There will also be a few other policies and measures that members will have to do before coming in, you can see that here.

I'm really hoping that excessive cleaning and less people will do the trick to stop the spread of the virus, but it will take a bit before we see any results. In addition, if you are still not sure about going back to the gym there are still several virtual workouts that MAC does and other gyms do so you can still stay fit at home.

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