One of the big controversies during the COVID-19 crisis as we all know has been...wait for it...

Working out at the gym.

Some people are all on board with being able to go into those enclosed areas and throw weights around and get on those Ellipticals and go to town. Others, not so much. They'd rather do anything other than go into those enclosed areas and throw weights around and get on those Ellipticals and go to town.

As you may remember there have been different issues locally surrounding these differing opinions, too. Like a local gym that fought to stay open after getting a ticket, and another gym closing due to an employee testing positive for COVID-19.

Well, the order is nobody can go to those gyms anyway. But maybe you can go to town and exercise another way, especially if you are a senior.

According to News 10, Downtown Lansing is getting an outdoor fitness park. It's called a FitLot. You can find it near downtown on the Lansing River Trail, north of Rotary Park.

The FitLot has exercise equipment situated under a canopy. Equipment like a stair stepper, chest press, exercise bike, back press and a hand cycle...Whew, I'm getting tired already...

The FitLot was purchased for the City of Lansing by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) and has been installed near a senior community and apartments to help facilitate better fitness among the community.

Get more info from the News 10 website about the new FitLot in downtown Lansing.

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