Most gyms aren't open yet in Michigan but Jackson is still looking for you to get exercise as they will be starting outdoor exercise classes soon. According to WILX, Jackson is still working to reopen facilities and recreation programs all over the city and while they do that the city's parks and recreation department is looking to start outdoor exercise classes.

The exercise classes will be Pilates and yoga. The pilates classes will be happening on Tuesdays at 5:30pm in the Rose Garden of Ella Sharp Park. The yoga classes will be happening on Thursdays at 5:30pm in Loomis Park, located south of the Edgewood Street parking lots. The classes won't be starting this week but will be starting next week or June 30th for pilates and July 2nd for yoga. These two classes could expand to more depending on what the city has open but they expect these two classes to last through the fall.

You will have to pay for the classes when you get there and you will have to bring your own mat. Jackson will post any changes to the classes and the prices of the classes here on their Facebook page. 

Outdoor classes have been found to be safer than indoor exercise classes due to the minimal spread of coronavirus. I'm not someone who does exercise classes but I do like to run outside and running now or doing any exercise outdoor is great as we have been inside for a while. Plus doing more exercise will keep your body healthy, which is another way to avoid getting sick or getting the coronavirus.


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