I know you might be home for a while, and since the gyms are closed, here are some great exercises you can do inside the comfort of your house. These exercises can be done all at once or over the day, so don't worry about getting it all done at once. In addition, no weights are needed, but if you have weights or want more exercises that involve weights, you can see the workout here from Healthline.com.

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  • 1


    Do at least 3 set of 10 reps.

    The video will teach you how to do it and also if you want to do even more it will teach you how to do walking lunges.

  • 2

    Push ups

    Do at least 3 sets per day and try to do at least 10 every set.

  • 3


    Do 3 sets of 20 squats

    Below is a video to help and if you want to add weight for this you can but if you don't have weights you can put on a backpack with books in it or hold water jugs.

  • 4


    I know these aren't fun but they are great for cardio and great for your legs. Do 10 reps every set and do at least 3 sets.

  • 5

    Normal Plank / Side Plank

    You will want to do a normal plank for at least 15 seconds and go to a side plank. Try to do for 3 reps per set.

  • 6

    Sit Ups

    There are a few different variations, you can do 3 sets of one variation or all 3 for at least 12 reps.

  • 7

    Glute Bridge

    Do between 10-12 reps for 3 sets. The video below shows the glute bridge with added leg raise

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