If you're browsing around Michigan for a new place to live, and need some help or ideas, these might be some places to look into.

Compiled by County Health Rankings, these Michigan counties are some of the healthiest to live in here in the state of Michigan.

Whether It's Northern or Lower - Here Are The Healthiest Counties

We all enjoy the good old long healthy life. No one enjoys a shorter life or getting ill. According to statistics, these Michigan counties are some of the best when it comes to health statistics.

Take a look below, and see if you live somewhere that's one of the healthiest counties in the state.

The 20 Healthies Michigan Counties Ranked In 2022

Ranked in order, these are Michigan's 20 healthiest counties. From The top of the state to the bottom, even to the center.

Here's A List Of Michigan Counties That No Longer Exist

Whether it was a simple name change, or something as big as a merger. Here is a list of Michigan Counties, that no longer exist.

These Michigan Counties Have The Smallest Population's

Ever wonder which Michigan county has the least amount of people residing? Stop wondering, here are twenty Michigan counties, that start at a few thousand.

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