We drive on them and complain about them about them everyday, and that's the roads around Michigan, now we know which county has the worst ones. According to MLive, the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council recently released its yearly rating on the quality of the roads and surface of the road. If you can guess the results of this report aren't good for any of the roads in Michigan, as 41% of all roads were "poor" the highest in 10 years.

The top "poor road" counties are scattered all over the state, and most that made the top 5 worst have 60% or more "poor rating". According to the report, the worst counties in Michigan are; #1 Manistee County #2 Eaton County #3 Cheboygan County #4 Lapeer County #5 Lake County.

Ingham County actually didn't make the Top 20 worst, but it still has work to do as roads 44% of roads are rated poor, and 37% rated fair. Meanwhile, Jackson County rates higher than Ingham as they have 47% "fair" roads while 33% "poor" rating, so I guess driving around Jackson county is a little better for you than in Ingham County.

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