The Governor of Michigan is taking another step forward to 'fix the damn roads' and is asking citizens in the state to identify hot spots for potholes on state roads.

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How is Michigan planning on fixing potholes?

Today Gretchen Whitmer announced that she's signed an executive directive aimed at filling the sometimes treacherous potholes that have traditionally ushered in Spring on Michigan's roadways.

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What did Whitmer do to help MDOT fix potholes in Michigan?

The order authorizes not only overtime pay for current MDOT employees to do pothole work, but also authorizes additional hiring for contractors to help in that work.

Dealing with car damage from driving over potholes while on your way to work or school is frustrating for every Michigander. No one should have to spend their hard-earned money on repairing a flat tire or a broken axle caused by these potholes.

That’s why today, I’m issuing an executive directive telling state agencies to speed up fixing potholes. ...When I said we're fixing the damn roads, I meant it. Since I took office, Michigan has fixed 13,000 lane miles of road and more than 900 bridges; but there's more to do. This directive will help us get it done.

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How can I report a pothole in Michigan?

The Governor has also asked that citizens get involved by reporting the worst potholes to the state reminding them about the state's 'Report A Pothole' program. The program allows you to report potholes on state roads and freeways online.

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Whitmer's directive authorizes the following activities:

  • Use all available resources to expedite repair of road surfaces, including overtime pay and contracted services where appropriate.  

  • Assess conditions on state trunkline highways to identify and prioritize areas for repair.

  • Ensure that the public can easily communicate the location of potholes or other issues with road surfaces on state trunkline highways and assess and respond to these reports.   

  • Ensure timely disbursements of Michigan Transportation Fund dollars to local road agencies to ensure that local authorities have the resources they need to repair potholes and other road surface deterioration. Funding to fix local, non-state roads are appropriated by the Michigan Legislature. 

  • Continue broader road improvement projects, including those that are part of the Rebuilding Michigan Plan, to prevent potholes and other road surface issues from developing in the first place. 

What causes potholes in Michigan?


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