The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency has held that name for three years and now it's time to shorten it a bit and rename the agency to the Cannabis Regulatory Agency.

This move comes directly from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in an attempt to make the enforcement of laws more effective. I honestly think this is just a push for people in certain business rooms to sound important. Like that guy who isn't really bringing anything to the team, besides creative names. I don't think the name change will really help with anything, but it's a sign that the state is taking this Michigan cannabis industry very seriously.

The change made under executive order and set to take effect in 60 days "will allow for a more effective, efficient administration and enforcement of Michigan laws regulating cannabis in all its forms," Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's office said in a statement.  Source:

The potential for the cannabis industry in Michigan is crazy! All the money from the outrageous taxes they put on cannabis should be enough to build a whole new Michigan. No seriously, they tax the heck outta people in the cannabis industry.

"... To be blunt — safe, legal cannabis entrepreneurship, farming and consumption helps us put Michiganders first by directing the large windfall of tax revenue from this new industry to make bigger, bolder investments in local schools, roads and first responders," Whitmer said

With the explosion of big-name operations in Michigan, you can expect to see a massive influx of tax revenue for the state. The real question now is will that money actually go into the things they claim it will be used for? Like schools and roads? Given the history of politicians in Michigan, probably not...


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