Gmac Cash is back with another rap about Michigan's Governor.

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In 2020, the Detroit rapper first went viral with his song "Coronavirus". Since then, he's offered takes on lots of things including stimulus checks, the high price of gas, and even the Belle Isle slide that sent people flying over the summer.

Also in 2020, he released in first rap in support of Michigan's Governor Whitmer, "Big Gretch."

The song (and Gmac's fundraising to buy Whitmer a pair of Cartier buffalo horn sunglasses - though she could not accept them as elected officials are not allowed to receive gifts over $25) did get a public shout-out from the Governor, according to the Detroit News. A sample of which, Gmac has used in his new rap about her.

About a week before the upcoming election, Gmac has dropped "Gretch Did".

Lyrics to the song include:

Who put money in the schools? Gretch did.

Who made being Governor look cool? Gretch did.

Who signed for that clean slate? Gretch did.

Help Michigan become a clean state? Gretch did.

Who got the funding for the kids? Gretch did.

Who got the roads getting fixed? Gretch did.

Who got a lot of people jobs. Gretch did.

2020 helped us stay alive? Gretch did.

Here's Gmac's first rap for Whitmer:

And his take on the "Giant Slide":

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