The Christmas season is over, and even though you might be tired of shopping, there are some things you may want to buy this month and some you should skip. The website made a list of the best things to buy and the things to not buy this month, so hopefully you can score some great deals and also save money.

The holiday season is over, so the biggest thing you can save lots of money on now is Christmas decorations. You can have probably found great deals on December 26th but after the New Year there will be some artificial trees, red ornaments and shiny wrapping paper in the store clearance aisles. This is the best time to scoop up those things on the cheap then store it somewhere for the next holiday.

Next, football season is close to over and that means that retailers will be putting their TVs on sale, which comes just in time for those Super Bowl parties. The Super Bowl is always the first Sunday in February and retailers as well as online retailers put their TVs on sale but only for a limited time, so if you think you might need a new TV soon, then you can wait till the last two weeks of January and save.

January is also the time when you start to see more people at the gym or wanting to hit their fitness or health goals. Most gyms and gym chains will be having sales or freebies to get you in the door and sign up. This is a great way to get a free month or pay less per month if you get a longer membership, but you want to make sure that you will actually use the gym. Also if you want create your own gym at home some fitness equipment, retailers will be selling their equipment for cheap and/or you may be able to try it out at your place for no fee.

Since I just outlined what to buy for the month, let me tell you the things to skip buying this month. First, toys have tons of deals in December but in January there are none and also your kids probably have tons of toys to get them through the month. Next, mattresses are something that you need to wait until February to buy since there are President's Day sales and more sales on mattresses come up in May.

You can see about the buys and the no-buys during January here. 

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