Christmas is such a magical time of year and also the time to give and spend time with family and friends and of course, count our blessings.

Growing up I had 8 brothers and sisters and we did not have much, but mom saw to it that we had gifts to open on Christmas morning.

Later in life as a young adult, I asked her how she did it and she replied that instead of buying expensive gifts she got inexpensive ones so we had more to open.  She also taught us it's about giving and not receiving. I would have not changed a thing from that time.

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That's why I love events like this, the Lansing Police and Fire Department are doing a cool thing for the kids in the community. It's a toy giveaway on Tuesday, Dec. 14th and all kids are welcome no matter what their age. They will get a free toy for Christmas.

500 Kids Will Be Getting Toys

It's all because of the donations from the First Responders Children’s Foundation according to, about 500 toys will be given out to boys and girls, including dolls and toy cars.

We have also partnered with Greater Lansing Food Bank to provide boxes of food for those families that find that they need a little extra help during this time,” said Anthony J. VandeVoorde, the Lansing Police Department’s Community Service Unit officer.


This warms our hearts and really brings out the spirit of the holidays. The toy giveaway will be between 4 p.m.and 6 p.m. at the Lansing Police Operations Center at 5815 Wise Road in Lansing and it does not require any registration.

Let's All Give This Holiday Season

This should inspire all of us to give back this holiday season and make it the best Christmas yet.

Here is another way to give this holiday season with The Greater Lansing food Bank.

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