Move over Mandalorian. And don't get me wrong. Cause I'm super hyped Season 2 is on this weekend.

While folks are all excited about Baby Yoda, I'm a child of the 70's. Yup. Dating myself and I don't even care.

I was a kid when THE ORIGINAL Star Wars movies came out. So miss me with all this new school stuff. And I'm speaking on Episodes 1-3 and 7-9. There have been some quality offshoots and animated series. And yes I'm excited about Mando.

Allow me to wax ecstatic about the originals. And more so, the original toys from the original movies.

See when I was a kid down south, I had a handful of Star Wars Toys. And my mom got me one big one.

I had an X-Wing Fighter and I loved it. I didn't even have an action figure. Seriously. I used one of my mom's rollers and a chair at my grandmother's house as the Death Star. Good times in Mississippi folks. You don't understand.

On my wish list were two very big ticket items. And I didn't even come close to getting them.

Mandalorian has me feeling nostalgic. So let me share.

If I could go back and get the two that I REALLY WANTED, they would be the following.

First...this bad boy.

Chronique Vintage via YouTube
Chronique Vintage via YouTube

From 1979, the original Millennium Falcon. See all those action figures there? Not a ONE OF EM came with the toy! This picture is false advertising at it finest for a child who doesn't read fine print.

Second, I so wanted this one.

The Death Star Space Station Playset!

People, it came with it's own trash compactor section. That sold me. And speaking of sold, you know how much this thing was in 1978?

It was cheaper than the Falcon and I could have had them both for about $50 bucks back then.

BTW, a year of Disney+ costs $70 bucks now.

And if I could go back in time and get them then, I would be putting them together and playing with them now and watching The Mandalorian at the same time.

Stupid time travel.

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