So the topic of the day on Monday all had to do with being sick and asking you if would still invite someone over your house or dis-invite them. I was wondering this because I was sick all weekend and really didn't do anything but wondering if even though I was sick would friends or family still want me around. Apparently, I wasn't the only person wondering as a few callers called to tell me about friends or family that have dis-invited them over for being sick or just being slightly sick.

Well what would you do? If you were having a party and a friend or family member of yours called up to tell you they were sick, would you still want them around your house and take the risk of getting sick or just tell them don't come. Some of the callers below had stories that had to do with that scenario and others talked about family members that are scared of any germ allowing them to get out of family functions.

Check them out below.

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