Scientists have speculated that people might not be able to go to the grocery store for the safety of themselves and the workers. According to WILX, some grocery store chains have alerted many states about how grocery store workers are getting sick more and more and some are dying even though stores are doing heavy duty cleaning and  temperature checks on workers. The grocery stores are suggesting that we do what scientists are asking which is to not allow people in the store, but what are you supposed to do then? Well I have some ideas.

There are a lot of grocery stores that are offering delivery, and there are other delivery services as well. Here are some services to look up and potentially sign up for: Instacart, Amazon Fresh, WalMart, Fresh Direct, Hungry Root (Healthy Food service). You can see more here. There are also other delivery services for convenience store items; Quality Dairy does deliver and GoPuff is an app on your phone that delivers milk, eggs, juice, candy, whatever else you might find at a convenience store.

Another option if you can't sign up for delivery, some services or stores might be backed up due to many people signing up now, you can do curbside pick up. All of the major retailers are offering it most where you can sign up for a time frame and pick it up avoiding contact.

No matter what though if you get delivery or pick up make sure to wipe down your groceries, as well as get rid of the bags that the groceries came in. You can see how to wipe your groceries here. 

Here's one final idea and one that I have actually taken to quickly is gardening. Yes I know it is a lot especially if you are just starting your garden, but it can help with saving money in the long run and its fun to eat something that you grew. You can start a small garden in your apartment or house with just a few pots and you don't have to get seeds if you have veggies and fruits in your home now, just take out the seeds. Just make sure whatever seeds you are using that they stay moist for a few days before planting them. If you start a garden now by late July or August you will see the fruits or vegetables of your labor.

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