There's another new sickness going around, and if you want to avoid getting, it washing your hands is a great way. Another big way to avoid getting sick is to stop touching your face, and since that is hard for some of us to do, here are some tips on how to avoid it.

First, avoiding touching your face is tough as we all do it without even thinking, so identify your triggers or what makes you touch your face. If you are someone that touches your eyes, you might want to start using moisturizing eye drops. In addition, if you wear contact lenses, you might want to switch to wearing glasses cause you will avoid touching your eyes. Another trigger you might want to avoid is playing with your hair too much whether that means with your hands or mouth as hair can pick up tons of germs thorough out the day, and I assume you won't be washing your hair every hour.

Next, always have a box of tissues handy. This doesn't mean going crazy and buying 1,000 boxes of tissues so no one can get them, but having tissues comes in handy whenever you are sick. Tissues can block anything that might come out of your mouth during a sneeze and also they are useful if you have to rub your eye.

This goes along with identifying triggers but you should keep your hands occupied. Some items to distract you can be a stress ball or a fidget spinner, and it can reduce instances of touching your face and minimize triggers, doctors say. Of course, don’t forget to regularly clean and sanitize that object.

Finally, I know that we are all worried about this new sickness but the less stress you have the easier it will be for you to avoid a sickness. When you body is under stress it can be harder for your body to fight off germs, which might cause more stress cause you're sick. Also when you are under stress you will probably have a tougher time to stop yourself from touching your face or any of the tips above, resulting in you potentially getting sick.

If you want to avoid getting sick, whether through the common flu or Coronavirus, the tips above can help. You can see more about the tips here, from Huffington Post.

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