In just this year, more Americans have died from COVID-19, than died in the entire Vietnam War. You almost don't believe it but they are REPORTING over 63 thousand Americans have died so far. The number is far greater than that and we honestly don't know how far back it actually started killing us.

The first reported death in America occurred on February 6th in California. Since then, it has killed a person in every state. There are over a million cases in America currently.

In China, they were under a strict lockdown for 76 days with a heavy police presence.

Michigan hit 41 thousand cases yesterday. We are nearly halfway to the reported number of people that were infected in all of China. They reported over 82 thousand cases and over 4,600 deaths. Michigan will likely hit it's 4 thousandth death this weekend. I believe China had way more. Some think as many as 4 times as many as they have reported. I think Michigan has more than are reported because not everyone can get tested.

Tuesday: 1,052

Wednesday: 1,137

Thursday: 980

The good news is, the trend shows next week we should see lower numbers. The bad news is they are finding it in the air in China. A big reason you don't want to get this stuff concentrated in one area.

Stay home. Stay Safe.

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