Do you have a thermometer in your house? If you don't, then you might want to get one now cause soon it will be tough to find. According to CNN Business, thermometers are being bought as soon as they are made, with most thermometers being bought in bulk by large companies.

Businesses that are open and producing product are buying so many thermometers for their front line workers, that the supply for healthcare workers is running low. Companies like Tyson and McDonald's as well as large Michigan companies like Ford and GM are buying thousands of digital or infrared thermometers for their front line workers so they can have their temperature taken every day. This is becoming a problem for healthcare workers and businesses as the larger companies put in larger orders early in the pandemic which choked the supply chain for everyone else. In addition, most thermometers are made in China at factories not at full power so there are even less thermometers for everyone.

In Michigan, thermometers are in slim supply as I went to Kroger this past weekend and only saw two brands, none of which were digital or infrared. Along with panic buying toilet paper a few weeks ago, thermometers were also panic bought in our area which cut down on our supply.

There are digital thermometers on Amazon, but there are only a few left with some not being able to ship for a month or more. You can see more about it here, but if you have a thermometer (any kind of one) hold on to it.

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