That was the question I asked you on Monday afternoon and I got a lot of responses, actually more than I thought, for cookie dough. What do you have to say about it though, are you alright with eating raw cookie dough or will you always stay away from it. There are of course some health effects to eating raw cookie dough as you can possibly get salmonella, since there is raw egg in it. But you can also get a tummy ache if you eat too much, which I and most of the people in support of cookie dough are risking.

But most of the callers I got on Monday didn't really seem to care about it and actually some had a few ideas on how to make raw cookie dough even better. Check them out below.




And if you are someone that doesn't like cookie dough there was actually someone that responded about not liking it. Check out their reason for not liking it or eating below.

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