We all have words or phrases that we use instead of curses and now you can see the most popular replacement words or phrases. This was my topic of the day on Tuesday and there were a few interesting replacement words and phrases. I say they are interesting because some of phrases are quite interesting and kind of long. You can listen to some of them below

After hearing some of those replacement words and phrases did you hear your favorite? If not I went to look for the most popular replacement words and phrases and I went to a really good place, the Dictionary! Along with these popular replacements there are also some meaning behind them.

  1. Jiminy Crickets, (can also use Christmas) This is a minced oath which are cute non-curse word phrases. This is also the most popular replacement phrase because it sounds like a person you would talk about on Sunday in church.
  2. For Pete's Sake! If you are wondering who Pete is, Pete is a stand-in for “Christ” or “God.” It was first used in the early 20th century and shares a lot with #1.
  3. Son of a Gun. Obviously you can guess what word gun is replacing. There are a lot of stories regarding the beginnings of this phrase and it has to do with a story regarding unsavory men and women on the high seas in the 1600s.
  4. Gee whiz or Gee Wilikers! These two are an expression of surprise that kids used in the 1950s without fear of having their mouths washed out with soap.
  5. Heavens to Betsy! People are still wondering who Besty is, she can be something to do with Betsy Ross or with having to do with Davey Crockett.

You can see more replacement words and phrases here.

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