I asked you this question on Tuesday: What's your biggest Holiday cooking mistake or holiday fails? There were quite a few stories.

I don't have a holiday cooking mistake, but my family has one that we still talk about to this day. It happened on Thanksgiving, and my grandma was over as were a few of my cousins and aunt, so a full house. We were getting finished with everything and everyone was ready to sit, but what we forgot was that there were still two dishes left in the oven. We started to eat and eventually smelled something burning and what we eventually found was that the two vegetable dishes left in the oven were burned beyond recognition. We had to eat with the widows open for most the night because of the smell, so we always make sure to take out everything from the oven and turn it off too.

Below you can hear some Holiday cooking mistakes or fails from listeners.

Also, if you want more laughs, here are some Funny Kitchen Fails.

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