Rare as in it's actually not very "rare" at all...

"How Would You Like That Cooked?"

It's a pretty loaded question, truly. "Loaded" in that however you order it, you may or may not be judged by those around you depending on what you choose.

You've got your people who practically want their steak to still be "moo-ing" when it is put in front of them to eat. Then you've got your ones who like it perfectly in the middle. THEN, there are those who like it well-done...and that's where Michigan and 16 other states find themselves.

Michigan Likes Steaks Well-Done

It's safe to say people firmly "steak" their claims on how the way they like their steaks is the best and here in Michigan, the "well-done" folks have it.

Zippia decided to look into "How Each State Eats Their Steak" by looking at a year's worth of Google Trends data and, yes, found that Michiganders disproportionately prefer the pucks of meat people call a "well-done steak."

However, when it comes to the rest of the country, Zippia found it is pretty balanced as far as styles like "Blue Steak", medium-rare, medium-well and rare go.

So Which Is Actually The Best?

Of course, this is pretty subjective.

However, according to Business Insider, chef and owner of NYC steakhouse Porter House Bar and Grill, Michael Lomonaco says medium rare is best the way to go.

"Lomonaco says that no matter the kind of steak you're ordering, you'll get the best and truest flavor of the beef — and therefore the maximum enjoyment out of your meat — if you order it medium rare," Business Insider reports.

Medium rare really is the best way to go and gives you the best of both worlds if you like char but also like the actual flavor of the meat.

Still wavering in your steak searing skills? Let's ask Gordon Ramsay:

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