Finding the best Nachos is like finding the best pizza, you have to have the best ingredients, and the more authentic and fresh the better.  Nothing is ever frozen in my nachos, please.

I have had some of the best nachos believe it or not from a food truck, one I loved was in St Petersburg Florida, there were some great taco trucks down there.

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A Great Pizza In East Lansing

I have lived in many cities in my radio career and I am a big pizza and nacho fan.  Now in the Lansing area, I have found a great pizza place that I really like and it may be because they have a good Chicago Deep Dish.  It was yummy and here is a pic of it below from the Pizza House in East Lansing.

attachment-IMG_0123 (1)

They did have a big variety of pizza on the menu including thin crust that I do want to try my next visit. I love passing along my favorite restaurants and am eager to hear about your favorites as well.

Where To Find Some Great Nachos

Now let's move on to Nachos.  I have had some in the Lansing area, but nothing to brag about yet for me.  Since I don't have a pick yet let's take a peek at the best nachos from yelp.

5. Cancun Mexican Grill

4.Acapulco Mexican Grill

3.Gumps Barbeque

2. El Oasis 

1.Taqueria El Chaparrito


Now, what if you are looking for the best in the state of Michigan.  Well, I came across and say they have the best in every state.  So in the state of Michigan, they say the best in the state is Ascension Brewing Company in Novi.


Mr. Piggins Brewery Nachos." They're made with tri-colored corn tortilla chips and piled high with 12-hour-cooked pulled pork, red onion, warm cheddar ale, shredded mozzarella, and topped off with pico de gallo and sriracha bourbon barbeque sauce.


I use to live in Novi and never tried these,  it's only an hour's drive from here so maybe time for a mini-road trip this weekend.  Yum.

Who do you think has the best Nachos in the Lansing area?

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