"Marinate until you lose patience."

"Jalapenos and parsley chopped as fine as you."

"We season because we're not basic."

"If their color don't change, no flavor was gained."

"When they get dry and crusty just like you, dunk them back into the wet batter."

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What you read above are some of Ahmad Alzahabi greatest hits when it comes to quotes and the stuff that truly made me like him on social media. He's on every platform. I first saw him on Reelz via Instagram.

But he's everywhere, especially Tik Tok. I love everything about him. His humor, his food, his presence on camera. I love to cook myself so he inspires me to try his recipes.  He makes his videos in rapid consumption speed (most are less than a minute) and they are presented in such a way that it feels like anyone can try them and have success. His recipes are spelled out on his social media and you can find them on his Golden Balance website.

3 things I didn't know about The Golden Balance

That's not his name. It's Ahmad Alzahabi. The Golden Balance is his brand and website.

He's originally from Flint and went to U of M.

Ahmad Alzahabi, founder of The Golden Balance is a Syrian-American Muslim who was brought up in Flint Michigan. As a recent graduate from the University of Michigan, he has dedicated his time to growing his love and passion for the Culinary Arts. (The Golden Balance)

That thing he says right after cooking and before he takes a bite is pretty deep.

"Now Bismillah," Alzahabi continued, a popular saying viewers often hear right before he enjoys his meal. "'Bismillah' simply means, 'In the name of God.' It's what we say as a blessing before acting upon something, and in this case, it's eating." (GMA)

How can you not love this man?




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