There's three things you need to know about @cowphobia86 on Tik Tok:

1. He doesn't say a word
2. He LOVES Ranch Dressing
3. And, he's from Michigan.

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Affectionately known as "The Ranch Guy" on Tik Tok, John Harris has been on the app for a couple years now, and saw moderate success through 2021. By that spring, he was towing along 60-70,000 followers, and creating pretty consistent trend content.

But a post on April 30, 2021 changed everything for him. A stitch of him reacting to a slice of pizza being dunked into a bucket of ranch dressing brought him 15 million views, and 2.5 million likes. Before that, he was ONLY averaging views in the 20-30,000 range.

@cowphobia86 #stitch with @liamslunchbox I was wondering where all the ranch went! #fatmantiktok #comedy #fypシ #funny #fyb #ShadowAndBone #SkipTheRinse #100 ♬ original sound - Jon Harris

It was all downhill from there. Nearly every video for a year, now, has him silent, and utilizing Ranch Dressing in one form or another. Add to that, his innocent demeanor, and apparently you get Tik Tok Gold. "Ranch Guy" recently did a collaboration with another Tik Toker I wrote about, "The Michigander," and it was in that video I realized that he was from Michigan. So apparently, there's something about this state that seems to cultivate great tik tokers.  

@cowphobia86 Always happy to help @the_michigander out! #fyp #comedу #fypシ #funnyvideos #funny #foryoupage #michigan ♬ original sound - Jon Harris

So after watching The Michigander talk about Vernors in every other tik tok, and now Ranch Guy, I'm thinking there's a VERY specific thing I need to do to gain followers.... eat and be obsessed with one food.

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