Famous local Tik Toker Joe Gotti that goes by the Tik Tok handle OfficialJoeGotti along with his second account RiseUpCommunity which has a combined following of close to 3 Million followers is aiming to help new Tik Toker's get enough followers to start their own stream by promoting growth and support worldwide.

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Official Joe Gotti

Joe has been on Tik Tok for the last few years and has made the decision to use his platform to actually help newcomers to Tik Tok by promoting growth & support to smaller creators and giving them a chance to be seen. He also takes his time to pop up around Genesee County to show support for local small businesses on his huge platform like Ink Therapy, Twizted Jerky, and Acid Works. Joe is an inspiration to upcoming TIk Toker's and gave us over here at Club 93.7 a few tips that you can use to get your account rolling.

Tik Tok Tips By Joe Gotti

  1. Properly Identify Your Target Audience.
  2. Capitalize On The Power Of Trends. 
  3. Cross-Promote Your Tik Tok Videos On Other Social Media Platforms.

Joe has had his hand in helping our local radio station develop their Tik Tok accounts and is in a position to help lead the Genesee county area. So make sure you take these tips to heart if you need some help getting your following up to that magical 1K.

Good luck Tik Tokers!

Joe Gotti

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