As Michiganders, getting out into the woods is not an uncommon activity for us, especially as the weather warms up. There's plenty of camping spots, waterfalls, hiking trails and, oh according to this paranormal TikToker, cryptids and critters that kind of want to kill you.

Sure, we've got our fair share of myths, but we're talking about "the Dogman", "Not Deer" and more things that are supposedly out to hurt us.

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Meet Abbey Sobota, an Extraordinaire in all Things Creepy, Criptid and Paranormal

When I first came across Sobota on TikTok (@abbey_sobota) she was recounting her experience growing up in Appalachia and heeding warnings of what was really out there.

From there, I followed her as she posted other videos recounting her experiences with the paranormal, with cryptids and more. Through her various experiences and videos, she proves to be knowledgeable on all things that go bump in the night.

Her biggest "thing" to take away from her videos, "Don't Look in the Trees" which also happens to be the name of her podcast.

Creepy Creatures and Cryptids of the Midwest

Now I'm not even going to lie, I enjoyed watching Sobota's TikToks when she would talk about creepy critters that exist in places like Appalachia or anywhere that I haven't really been. I got to be blissfully ignorant.

That is, until this video popped up where she literally starts it off with, "If you're in the Midwest, keep watching. Almost everything wants to harm you."


As freaky as it is, they always say "curiosity killed the cat" so let's break down exactly what critters want to kill us here in the Midwest because, real or not, it doesn't hurt to at least know about them...right?

TikToker's Tales of Creepy Critters in the Midwest

Whether you're a skeptic, a believer, paranoid or just someone who likes to look into local legends and folklore, thinking of some of these creatures existing in your backyard is enough to send shivers down your spine.

Do You Believe in These Midwest Cryptids?

Look, believe what you want to believe. We are not here to change anyone's minds but as the old saying goes, "seeing is believing" and we hope nobody ever actual sees any of these.

However, if you have seen them please let us know because we're nosey and, let's be real here, would be the first ones to get killed off in a horror movie.

Just remember when you're out exploring nature in the Midwest: don't be stupid, don't be too bold and "Don't Look in the Trees."

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