A recent survey found that one in four people are planning to cook a turkey themselves for the first time ever this year...we'll see how that plays out for them!

Turkey is obviously the main point of the whole Thanksgiving meal...which is why there is so much riding on it and a lot of pressure to make sure you get it right.

Now, my uncles, grandpas and my dad are usually the ones who talk turkey the most when it comes to preparing the Thanksgiving food. Everyone else brings the sides as a passing dish.

There are only a few times I have had turkey I was disappointed in and it was the time we deep-fried it and another time someone had left it to defrost in super salty water for some reason and it was the saltiest thing I had ever eaten...it dehydrated you as you chewed it.

While I have never, personally, cooked a whole turkey myself, I do remember a lot of Googling went into helping my friend and roommate one year figure out how to do it for our "Friendsgiving."

This year, though, many big gatherings that just need one big turkey will turn into smaller gatherings (if any) and lots of smaller turkeys for lots of people who have always counted on someone else to make it!

That's at least what we can assume after looking at this survey done by Shipt and reported by PR Newswire.

If you haven't hear about Shipt, you may have seen their logo donned by shoppers at your local Meijer store, they basically are a subscription-based grocery delivery system and they have teamed up with Butterball this Thanksgiving season to make things easier on all the first-time turkey cookers this year!

According to PR newswire, a few ways the Butterball x Shipt collaboration will work will include customers being able to purchase Butterball turkeys through the Shipt app as well as providing customers and shoppers with information on accessing the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line!

How did your first turkey cooking experience go?

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