Unless you're a customer at his restaurant, the thought of being in the same room with Gordan Ramsay is terrifying enough.

If you're a chef, the threat level is super high.

However, he does seem to have a soft spot in his heart for kids learning to cook. You'll see him melt and just turn to mush while teaching the fine culinary arts.

And I have to give it to kids who get to be on MasterChef Junior with Chef Ramsay. You have to have a certain "particular" set of skills to even attempt that.

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At about age 12, I was alright in the kitchen. My grandma was the one who made sure I could navigate around a stove. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have anywhere near the confidence in my cooking abilities I do now. She was very much from the old school. "Boy if you hungry and you want something to eat, you better learn how to cook it for yourself." I learned how to make my own hamburgers, scramble eggs, and cook hot dogs at an early age.

I know grown men who can't do any of that now.

But I know Kamryn Chasnis can put us all to shame. And she's just 16.

CADL via Facebook & CADL.ORG
CADL via Facebook & CADL.ORG

Kamryn braved the challenges of MasterChef Junior at age 12. Four years later she's got a cookbook, her own business, and she's ready to share what she's learned with you and your kids thanks to our friends at Capital Area District Libraries.

In a demonstration that features the holiday book The Polar Express, Kamryn will bake some festive cupcakes and share plenty of decorating tips. For age 8 & up; younger with supervision. *Registration required at 517-367-6312, or click on "Register." Registrants will be emailed a link to attend on Microsoft Teams, along with a copy of the recipe and an ingredients list. You will also be automatically entered to win one of Kamryn's holiday decorating kits! (CADL)

Make time for you and your kiddos Saturday, December 5th from 2 pm to 3 pm.

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