Even though the Michigan winter weather was unseasonably warm recently and may have put a damper your holiday spirit, Christmas cookies are always a good idea.

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The Different Types of Christmas Cookies

You've got your gingerbread, your classic sugar cookie with frosting, those thumbprint ones with the Hershey's Kiss on top, those wreaths you make out of corn flakes, and so many more we probably forgot to mention.

There are Christmas cookies out there for ever person that come with varying levels of difficulty.

My family absolutely loves to get together to decorate Christmas cookies which usually are some sugar cookies with colorful frosting and we try to make them as pretty as possible...until we give up and just try to make them look as hilariously bad as possible.

With Christmas cookies, it's less about the cookies themselves, but the fun you have making them with friends and family and then sharing them.

Of course, though, everyone's got to have a favorite and you have to wonder, is there one cookie that reigns supreme in each state?

Michigan's Favorite Christmas Cookie

Every holiday, the lists and the research comes out about "each state's favorite [insert holiday-themed treat/thing here] and for the holiday season, there is no shortage of that (just everything else).

While looking at the data USA Today compiled based on Google Analytics that "includes searches from Nov. 29 to Dec. 6, as Americans were baking some of their first batches of holiday desserts", there is definitely a bit of shift noticed.

Looking at the list of each state paired with their most-searched Christmas cookie, "Keto" and "gluten free" comes up quite a bit more and USA Today says that trend is particularly noticed more in the Midwest.

According to their data, while the Midwest was looking for cookies with more "alternative ingredients" Michigan's favorite Christmas cookie for 2021 is the "Snowball cookie."

Snowball Cookie Recipe(s)

According to Delish, you definitely need to expect there to be a bit of a mess when making these cookies as the "snow" part of them is actually just a lot of powdered sugar.

With confectioner's sugar as a main ingredient, there really not a ton of ingredients needed to make these cookies.

The ingredients, per the recipe on Delish, are: all-purpose flour, finely chopped walnuts, granulated sugar, kosher salt, pure vanilla extract, butter and the queen herself, powdered sugar.

Is the Snowball Cookie REALLY Michigan's Favorite?

See, while normally the data doesn't lie and people may have been searching for snowball cookies more in late November to early December of 2021, were people actually EATING them?

Personally, I feel like snowball cookies are the ones that you forget about until they are right in front of you and then you eat one, remember it turns your mouth into a dang desert and you don't really reach for again.

Of course, though, it really makes sense that a state that experiences snow upwards of six out of the 12 months of the year, our favorite cookie would be named after it.

What cookies have you made this year?

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