This was going to start simple enough. Then it snowballed into a thing that is real and is happening this holiday season.

I present to you the good, the bad, and the what the heck were they thinking when they made that thing?

Turkey cookies and cakes.

Let's start off with the treat I found at QD that started this whole thing.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Who did this to this poor sugar cookie? We see where you were going and you ran off the road. It's not a turkey cookie as much as it's a candy corn demon staring into your soul. This thing scares me too much to eat it.

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And if you think that's bad, get ready for this.

Your intentions were good but you know what that looks like right in the middle of your cake right? Someone made this in a bakery at a store and it looks to retail for $11.99. Who's buying this thing?

Or...this one?

Please tell me this is an adult novelty cake gone wrong because if I find this at grocery store next to the kid's sheet cakes, I'm gonna have a good talk with the manager and my name's not even Karen.

Next we step it up a notch and get a little...disturbing.

You get points for degree of difficulty but who's going to want to eat that? It look gross even after the cake reveal.

Baskin Robbins FINALLY steps in and saves the day. Say it with me, TURKEY ICE CREAM CAKE! Watch this video because you have to see how they made this.

Turkey Cakes are a level of difficulty that you might not be ready for but there are plenty of recipes and how to videos out there on Pinterest and YouTube. If you're up to the challenge give it a shot. Or buy one from Baskin Robbins. Stick with the old favorites of pumpkin or sweet potato pie.

I would definitely stay away from the turd cake bakery however. Call it a hunch. I'm thinking they won't let you bring the dessert or invite you back next year.

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