Why did anyone ever think making a cake out of a vegetable was a good idea?

It's one of those classic, "just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD" situations.

Look, I love carrots and carrot cakes always do look enticing and cute...until I realize it's a carrot cake and want to throw it in the trash.

I'm usually a sucker for cream cheese frosting and I really like the idea of a carrot cake, how it is more dense and coarse than a regular cake but still moist and has a nice blend of spicy and sweet but I really just can not ever get past it.

People think I am crazy for having red velvet cake as my favorite so, of course, this is just a matter of opinion; I just really don't like chunks in my cake.

That same thinking goes for cakes made with coconut flakes like German chocolate cake (gag).

So who's bright idea was it to make carrot cake in the first place? Other than health-nuts who just try to disguise vegetables into something that is a little bit more palatable.

According to National Day Calendar, "The carrot’s natural sweetness may have been selected as a substitute in the Middle Ages when sugar was hard to find or expensive. Carrot cake most likely developed from a carrot pudding which could be savory or sweet."

While that all makes sense, sugar is extremely cheap and even easier to find nowadays, so why keep making cakes out of carrots?

This is not all to say I am judging people who do enjoy carrot cake (maybe I am just a little) so if you enjoy it, by all means, have your cake and eat your veggies too. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying my veggie-free funfetti because I am 12.

Where is or who makes your favorite carrot cake?

Now let's talk about a cake that is actually good and has roots right here in Michigan, the Bumpy Cake!

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