Does anyone else look forward to rainy days in the summer?

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Why I Look Forward to It

My friend and I were just talking the other day about how we do love summer but sometimes it just gets to be too much.

Yes, we absolutely love Michigan in the summer and love to take advantage of the beauty that surrounds us by hiking, boating, fishing, swimming, etc. However, the summers are also an overwhelming time where everyone and their brother wants to hang out.

It feels like every weekend in the summer is met with constant decisions about where to go and what to do and who you're going to choose to spend the time with.

That's what's so nice about rainy days during the summertime. Everything gets a little bit more of a refresh, including your mental health.

Make The Most of It

As I woke up on this Sunday morning with nothing I needed to do except catch up on some laundry and "Law and Order: SVU."

I had no idea what to do with myself as I looked out the window and saw it raining. Once I realized I had no other obligations for the day, nowhere I needed to go, I started making a cup of coffee in my own home instead of stopping for some to get my caffeine in while running from one place to the next.

I sat, sipping on my coffee with some simple caramel oat milk creamer and couldn't remember the last time I got to do that. Just sit and enjoy the quiet.

Sure, summertime in Michigan is meant for getting out on the boat, out on the lakes or at least just enjoying the sunshine we so desperately miss for more than half the year. However, there are plenty of ways to make the most out of a rainy day.

Get ahead on some cleaning, refresh your mind, read a book, etc.

It's Just So Dang Pretty

My cousins in Texas always say that Michigan is "just so green" and that greenery is ever-so amplified and it is gorgeous.

Even watching the rainfall on one of our many inland lakes around the state is actually fascinating. The way the water droplets dance on the water, fish jumping because they think the droplets are food, people on their boats braving the rain trying to reel in the perfect catch, it's all so wonderful.

Just...don't think about how it's helping even more mosquitoes hatch.

A Very "Glass-Half-Full" Take

Like I said, I know rain can ruin a lot of summer plans, especially here in Michigan.

However, maybe that is a good thing. Maybe that is the universe's way of telling us to take a break and enjoy it.

The weather is still warm. You can still get out and swim in the rain, you're already wet anyways!

I totally understand, it's not the most popular opinion to want a day to be a bit of a recluse but sometimes it's just what we need so take the time to enjoy the quiet, soothing sounds of the raindrops!

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