I mean, who are we really kidding here?

Out of all the treats there are to choose from when it comes to Easter, Peeps are the best we can do? It really makes me gag just thinking about them.

It's not even that I'm some sort of health "guru" and it's not even that I hate marshmallows, there is just something so particularly awful about Peeps.

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This is no shade to people who like them or look forward to having them every Easter though I do have one question...WHY!?

It is the nostalgia for you? Is is the fact that they are just a classic symbol of the holiday? Is it because they're cute?

I'll agree with you they are adorable...but so are plenty of other things. Peeps are good for decoration and that is about it.

Although they do make a great science "experiment" to do with the kiddos when you put them in the microwave and watch them grow to about 10 times their size.

I think the only way I would eat peeps is if we made some Easter-themed s'mores or something...however actively setting those cute lil bunnies on fire just seems a little evil to me.

You know, though, the funny thing is that I used to LOVE these as a kid and I wondered what happened and then it hit me. As a kid, anything that gooey and absolutely full of sugar and fat is obviously going to be something you'd enjoy. However, as a grown adult, the only reason I can see anyone actively, willingly plopping Peeps into their pie holes would be to get a taste of their childhood back.

Just looking at the ingredients alone is enough to make me not want to even think about purchasing a pack of Peeps.

Sure there's your typical corn syrup and sugar but where I get really weirded out is when you get to the "gelatin" part...Now, I know gelatin is often derived from weird places but what just makes this sound particularly unappetizing is on their FAQ's page, Just Born Quality Confections says Peeps are technically not vegan.

How can something made of marshmallows not be vegan? Part of it is because they are made in the same factory as Peeps dipped in milk chocolate and there could be potential cross-contamination with the milk products. That's all well and good but Peeps also contain gelatin derived from PORK...what?

All in all, no matter if I knew the ingredients in Peeps or not, as Randy Jackson would say..."It's a no from me."

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