My topic of the day on Wednesday got a lot of responses cause we have all probably had one job that wasn't so great especially if the weather got bad. Now I'm not asking for your worst job, but the job that was the worst in rain, snow, ice, wind, or whatever bad weather hit the area. My worst job in bad weather was when I was working at a grocery store and I had to pick up the shopping carts from the parking lot and bring them inside. Yeah being outside for hours pushing shopping carts through the rain and snow is something that I'm not hankering to do again, but that was why I asked you.

There were a few great responses from people who worked all different jobs and you can hear some of them below.

Since it is winter I've found the worst jobs to do outside in the winter, according to the CBC. Mail carrier is #1, as it usually is as the mail doesn't stop, but you can check them all out here.

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