Ladies and gentlemen, I've found my third part-time job, and it is way easier than the other two.

You can be paid to stare at puppy pictures all day, and get paid $27 an hour just to stare at them. The company looking to hire those who are interested is ProDog Raw.

There are some things you'll have to do if you do get hired. You will have to wear a heart monitor, but that's basically all you've got to do. The photos are also pre-approved photos that you will have to look at as well.

So how does the job work? You just take hourly breaks. You'll have a timer set on your phone, and when it goes off, it's time to stare at the dogs.

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So, what is the point of this job, that I may or may not be applying to right now, well the company wants to monitor your stress levels during the day, and see the effects puppies have on stress.

Now, here is the downside, the company is only looking for 10 people in perfect health, with no underlying health conditions like high blood pressure.

The point is to monitor the heart rate during a normal workday and what effect looking at adorable puppies has on stress levels.

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