We have been talking a lot lately about how many employers are having trouble filling job openings in Michigan. Now with bars and restaurants being able to stay open later the need is even greater.  Some are not even going to stay open later than 9 and 10 until they get more employees on staff.  Many are offering incentives for interviews for a gig and even paying higher wages.

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Check Out The New Website To Help Hiring

This is really cool, Michigan has a new "back to work" program and service to get employers to fill jobs according to fox47news.com. The Michigan Department of Labor and Opportunity has a new website, Michigan.gov/BackToWork, which has great programs and services to help get much-needed workers. Plus Pure Michigan Talent Connect offers ways for employers to connect with job seekers.

As Michigan's economic outlook continues to improve, and we get back to a new normal, our administration is turning our attention to uplifting Michiganders and supporting businesses in getting back to work,” Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said. “We’re looking to the future. By providing tangible resources for businesses who need our immediate assistance after a challenging year, we ensure we build back even stronger.


Latest from Michigan Unemployment

I was telling you not too long ago as well that Michigan brought back the work-search requirement for unemployment at the end of last month. That should help inspire more folks to go out and get a good gig. All of that said, let's get back to work and get this economy moving, not to mention putting this crazy pandemic behind us.

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