This has indeed been a crazy year and a bit hard to believe if you sit back and think about it.  Two vaccines we needed to get and then a booster on top of that. A new president took office last January, gas prices skyrocketing, and now a food shortage.

Businesses have been starving for help all year especially restaurants, and now instead of getting better over the holidays, it seems to be getting worse with no relief in sight.

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All across the U.S businesses are searching for to good employees.  The holiday season is now here and many are worried about filling many openings. The holiday shoppers are coming and help is needed NOW.

Many Companies Are Hiring Now

There are many holiday jobs open now in Mid-Michigan, Many big brand companies like Burlington, and Macy’s, and many more. The Lansing Chamber of Commerce says locally owned businesses in the area are also in need of more workers this holiday.


We’re seeing employers get really creative in engaging their talent, from sign-on bonuses to other compensation type increases to different volunteer opportunities, different paid holidays, things of that nature,” said Michelle Rahl, Vice President of Member Engagement for Lansing Chamber of Commerce.


The good news is many people are making it a point to shop local again which I think is awesome. We seem to be coming to the end of the pandemic many jobs are available.

What Else You Need To Know About Jobs Here

Here is more, local businesses are not the only ones needing more workers Stores like Urban Outfitters, Target, and even Bath & Body Works all have job openings.

So if you or your know somebody or you are looking to make more money this holiday season you can find several jobs with Capital Area, Michigan Job Works, and several job boards.

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