Ask and you shall receive.

We are all getting back to work. Getting back to normal. And getting back behind the wheel.

Gas prices are going up and so are tempers. People seem to have forgotten how to drive. Or have they always been this bad?

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Throw in a heaping helping of construction and we got a recipe for some road rage.

But here in Lansing, there are some really bad trouble spots. We asked you on social media to identify the worst intersections in the city and you did not hold back.

Your descriptions and why (especially that light at Edgewood and Cedar you can't see unless your right under it lol) were vivid and spot on. So here's the list.

In all actuality there were 3 top vote getters. The rest were honorable mentions at best comparably.

Your Top 3 Worst Intersections In Lansing:

  1. Waverly & Old Lansing Road (Can we please get a left turn light over here like yesterday?)
  2. Edgewood and Cedar ( Part of the Triangle of Death that is over by the Meijer on Pennsylvania - we'll explain in the photo gallery).
  3. Clippert and Saginaw and Grand River (All things Frandor according to you).

Jolly and (insert cross street here) also showed up a lot.

Take a look at our gallery. And comment on our socials to let us know what we missed.

Thanks for helping us make our list. Hopefully someone higher up will take note and help to fix some of the problems we have mentioned here. But that's just wishful thinking right?

The Worst Intersections In Lansing

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