Look at that beautiful baby boy.

He's a pit bull puppy. Full of energy and life. He's going to be a handful as most puppies are. He's going to be a big responsibility (a big boy too) and require a lot of time and love.

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Depending on where you live, they might not allow for certain breeds (which is another whole mess of legal stuff we don't have time to get into today). Totally understandable if you have this guy in your life and it's too much for you to handle. So you have to make other arrangements for him. That's why we have several shelters in our area who would be glad to take him off your hands and help him to find a new home.

What you don't do is leave him on the side of the road, tied to a kennel, and where he could walk out into traffic.

That's exactly what someone did.

He was found on the East side of Waverly Road across from Sheffield Boulevard. The kennel was close enough to the road that the dog was able to walk into Waverly Road. Lansing Police Department was contacted and officers removed the puppy from harm’s way and transported it to the Ingham County Animal Shelter in Mason. At this time the puppy is receiving care at the shelter and is not available for adoption. (ICACS Press Release)

If you have any information that would be helpful in this abandonment case, please call 517-676-8376, or email reportanimalcruelty@ingham.org.

Update (01/02/21). The pup is currently being loved on & played with by one of our amazing Animal Care Specialists. He’s doing great! (ICACS)

MORE: Thanks for Adopting from the Capital Area Humane Society

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