We love it when Penny from the Capital Area Humane Society stops by.

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Especially when she brings cuties like little Diana by. Take a listen to her visit from Friday morning.

As Penny said in the interview above, they do offer adopt one, get one free when it comes to our feline friends. Why get one when you can have two? They will keep each other entertained and never get lonely. Peep the animals up for adoption HERE and contact CAHS for more details.

We've Got A Fundraiser On The Way

The pandemic was challenging for everyone. Especially non-profits and community resources like the Capital Area Humane Society. Their fundraising events went viral last year and didn't raise as much money as they usually do. So they're asking for folks to re-double their efforts and come out in full force to this year's events. And their next big event? Walk for the Animals.

Need A Job Or Want To Volunteer?

CAHS has a few part time positions available for 18+ looking for 25 hours a week. If you want to work and work with animals, there might be a spot for you.

Or maybe you just want to give back. CAHS is looking for volunteers as well. You could join their Education Volunteer team and help out during their summer camps. They've got a couple coming up in August and they could really use your help if you want to give back and hang out with kids and animals.

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