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A puppy party at the park to raise money for CAHS

Saturday was a big day for our friends at the Capital Area Humane Society. It was their annual Walk For The Animals fundraiser. Last year they had to do it virtually and it was a good effort. But this year they were looking for big numbers and donations.

This year they were back in action with a live event at Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge.

CAHS via Facebook
CAHS via Facebook

The turnout was fantastic. They had lots of events including a mini obstacle course, scavenger hunt, activities for both pets and kids, doggy costume contest, puppy adoptions, and of course, the walk itself.

Unofficial totals and such because you guys helped raise a lot of money for CAHS.

We know that starting out, the goal for this year's Walk for the Animals was about $80K.  When the event started at the park Saturday morning, they were well over the 90 thousand dollar mark.

By the time they were done, the grand total of funds raised was well above ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Truth be told, I think it was above $110K.

So thank you so much to everyone that participated to help meet and exceed this goal.

There were a lot of puppies that were up for adoption at the event. And we'd like to send a special thanks to everyone that took a new fur baby home with them this weekend.

Enjoy these photos from some of the absolutely adorable puppies who came to hang out, compete, and just remind us of how DOG-GONE cute they are from this past weekend. See you next year at the CAHS Walk For The Animals 2022.

CAHS Walk For The Animals 2021

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