Not everyone out there trying to sell their tickets and make a buck is a scammer.

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But they are out there and you need to be very careful.

You're desperate and scammers are counting on that.

It's the game of all games. The rivalry of all rivalries. Both teams are undefeated. Bragging rights are on the line. The Paul Bunyon trophy is on the line. Coach Tucker Vs Coach Harbaugh.



So you gotta be there and you're willing to pay almost any price within reason right? And the longer you wait, the higher the tickets will be. Even the nosebleeds in the upper bowl.

While tickets for the MSU vs Michigan football game are sold out, one ticket expert tells News 10 it is not too late to get your hands on a secondary market ticket.

“The secondary market is always a viable option for people who want to get tickets,” said Ticket Machine Owner, Brian Posey. “There’s not a whole lot of seats left. So there’s probably maybe 8 or 900 at any given time.”

As of now, tickets are running for around $400 to $1000 apiece. (WILX)

Be careful buying your MSU/U of M tickets or it could cost you.

So much so the Spartans have issued a FRAUDULENT TICKET ALERT.

FRAUDULENT TICKET ALERT: We have received reports of ticket fraud and scams. The Spartan Ticket Office cannot guarantee the validity of tickets purchased through any entity other than the Spartan Ticket Office and StubHub. To avoid problems with counterfeit, stolen, or inflated-priced tickets, purchase tickets directly and only from the Spartan Ticket Office, StubHub, or DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH OR OTHERWISE SHARE YOUR BARCODE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

You can head HERE for tickets through Spartan Stadium but be warned, Upper-Level tickets were starting at about $360 and up to about $1100.

You can head HERE to get your tickets through Stub Hub.

Purchasing your tickets through anywhere else? Good luck my friends.

Go Green...and don't lose yours.

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